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Adó-Conto - Accounting Services in Budapest, Zugló

Dear Guest,

Our accounting services company has been working in the 14th district of Budapest since 17 years. We have several colleagues with a chartered accountant certification. The office is located in a friendly environment and it is easy to reach us. Parking your car is also no problem at our location.

Our goal is to satisfy at high quality all needs of our customers in the areas of company incorporation, accounting, payroll and auditing.

Könyvelő csapatunk munkában - Adó-Conto könyvelőiroda - Budapest - Zugló
Könyvelőiroda vezető - Belle Krisztina mérlegképes könyvelő

We provide a report to our clients on the current state of their company on a quarterly basis (or using a different schedule based on our contract).

A newsletter is also sent to our customers which gives an insight into changes of tax legislation and other regulations affecting their companies. The newsletter includes other useful information as well.

In case you are interested in the above, we are happy if you give us a call.

Belle Krisztina
Head of Accounting Services