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We provide the following services to corporations:
  • post accounting transactions
  • reconcile accounts payable, accounts receivable items
  • maintain the fixed asset register
  • prepare intra-year and year-end tax files
  • prepare simplified and complete year end financial reports
  • accounting tasks, reports related to company restructurings, dissolutions
  • management reports to our customers in custom format and frequency
  • prepare obligatory company regulation documents
  • represent our customers against tax authorities in case of tax audits
In 90 days from the foundation of a new company, the following internal regulations should be prepared:
  • accounting policy
  • chart of accounts
  • policy on valuation
  • policy on inventory
  • policy on petty cash
  • policy on cost of goods sold
If a company does not have a policy on petty cash or the actual handling of petty cash does not follow the rules in the internal regulations, it risks a fine of HUF 500.000.